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Damone's growth. ~NSFW~ Please,I need advice! I'm scared

Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:46 pm
by GlamDude
I am still trying to find a cheaper vet ~locally~ and no luck yet.I am going to look around in some of the bigger cities or even my old home town vet where he was taken care of before.Meanwhile his growth is getting beyond massive.I took this photo today of it.

The vet he did see,poked him several times with a needle to see if there was any fluids in it,there is none what so ever.So its a confirmed mass.I am freaking out that its going to burst and then I wont know what to do!

He is NOT in pain,he eats,goes potty,purrrsss wants love,hell he just now jumped like 4 feet from the couch to my recliner to get he is fine like that.