Summary of the month so far...

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Summary of the month so far...

Postby neko2 » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:38 pm

So far this month I've had my glasses stolen and a car dealership be a pain.
The glasses were lifted by an 80+ yr old woman. Chances of getting returned slim. Back up glasses suck as no bifocal which I'm surprised at how much I used them.
The dealership took two visits which I think one should have sufficed unless a part needed ordering, then 2 is fine. Had to ask the young man that called saying it was ready today 3 times what the fuck he meant by it's good to go. Rated the first visit low on the survey and boy did they jump through hoops. To be honest if we could have taken care of it before we moved we would have. That dealership was better at communication.
Also had bank rep hang up on me because I said the website was a pain in the ass for address change when she kept saying they could send me a PIN to do the change. I need to change the phone number as it is no longer in service. I want to close everything out from that credit union but part is a credit card. Won't be using it any more.
Yep, feeling like shit today so it all adds up.

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