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Re: My Dreams

Postby jim » Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:40 pm

Here was a good one from last week:

The whole thing appeared as a movie from my perspective. Different camera angles, pans, slow motion. Very queer, to be sure.

There was a woman (who was in my mind based on my ex's mom) who wanted to drive from Texas to L.A. to fuck her lover in an adulterous liaison. She was to take her young boy, maybe 11, with her as an excuse to her husband to take him on a road trip during his school vacation. She sat down at a map and planned out a route (that she would show her husband) as to where they would go. The route skirted L.A., but that was her ultimate destination to fuck this younger guy. (not me)

They took off and visited a few places along the SW and then were traveling through what I guess was AZ and it was snowing for some reason. There was a long dark road they went down that eventually hit a steep downward slope. She guided the car down the hill but at the bottom was a patch of ice/snow and they spun out and veered to the right off into an open patch of ground. While she was collecting herself, the young boy had to get out to pee. The angle rose above the scene and from afar you saw other cars coming. One by one they slid down the hill into the car of the woman.

In a successive series of collisions the oncoming cars threw their occupants, or more accurately their body parts, out of windows in a very graphic montage of gore. One head flew at my perspective and spun around slowly, showing me the severed neck and slices around its face, the mouth still agape in horror. People were screaming and flying everywhere in various states of evisceration. There was a zoom in on one teenager who was using his cell phone camera to videotape the incident. He was walking around with the phone camera in one hand, filming the heads still talking on the snow. He came across his other arm and videoed it saying, "Dudes, there is my fucking arm! WOOO!" and kicked it around. I got the impression he was high on something.

Behind the turnout there was a melted pool of water. Another car hit the mess of cars and erupted into flames, shooting over toward the young son who was peeing. He immediately caught on fire and started screaming. Then he jumped into the pool of water and yelled out "Take that church!" and fell into the water to soothe his burns, which was from an underwater perspective.

People without heads or body parts were walking around trying to find their missing parts.

Quite a disturbing dream, but this is as accurate as I can remember it. It was much worse in my mind, but hey, it's just chemical reactions, so I can't blame myself!
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