Man Of Steel

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Man Of Steel

Postby allegro63 » Sun Jul 21, 2013 5:38 pm

I saw this in 3-d, not necessary at all.

I liked how they started Clark's story, after a very nice opening with Russell Crowe as Jal-el. The central theme of a person just trying to figure out where in the hell they fit into the world, knowing damned well, that they don't actually fit in, was nicely done. The fight scenes, while cool, went on, and on and on, and jeez, what else can they find to throw at each other so it can blow up..on

now for the spoiler alerts, aka, plot holes....don't read further if you plan on seeing this.

1. Clark has his entire ,growing up period to adjust to the planet he landed on. It is shown in a scene, where he gained his very acute hearing, and how problematic it was for him when he was about 8. Getting his heat vision took mastering control, learning to fly took fits and spurts, and didn't happen until after he was an adult. His mother mentions how hard a time he had breathing as a baby.

so. how come the general and his minions adjust to every new skill in the matter of minutes. Yeah I know its a movie, but it was just too easy for all those new surprises, some of which are never a controlling one's vision, and adapting to the atmosphere so quickly.

2. The demise of the big bad dude. Superman and Zod, throw each other all over Metropolis, literally, and Zod meets his end through a twist of the neck? Seriously? Yeah, it goes back to the theme of Clark making decisions of fitting in, and in a way to make up for not saving his dad from death by tornado...played by Kevin Costner...the man just can't really display good emotion...but that's the best end the writers could come up with?

For Superman fans, it is a fun take on an iconic character. Some may not like that he's made more "human" but I thought it was the main appeal of the film. That some Christian groups are trying to make it an allegory of Jesus, has me shaking my head with wonder. Its violent, and Superman has no qualms beating the shit out of Smallville's downtown, after telling the townspeople to go inside the buildings, where he assures them that they will be safe. Then he, a couple of Zod's minions, and the US military, get right to the business of turning the place into mortar dust, We fortunately don't see the body count...oh yeah, another plot hole.
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