Bangain Masala (Eggplant cooked in tangy spices with Tomatoe

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Bangain Masala (Eggplant cooked in tangy spices with Tomatoe

Postby lucy » Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:30 pm

Bangain Masala (Eggplant cooked in tangy spices with Tomatoes

This is to die for. OG is not a great fan of eggplant and he said this was fabulous. It's vegan friendly too.

2 medium sized Eggplants (I have used big Eggplants used to make Baingan Bharta)
2 large Tomatoes roughly chopped (I like to add big chunks of Tomatoes in this dish)
4 cloves of Garlic finely chopped
¼ red onion finely chopped
3 – 4 medium Potatoes cut into small chunks
1/2 tsp Asafoetida
1 tbsp Mustard Oil or Vegetable Oil
½ -1 tsp Red chilli powder depending on heat preference
1 tsp Coriander(cilantro) powder
1 tsp Turmeric powder
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste
Freshly chopped Coriander (cilantro) to garnish

1)    Add the chopped Potatoes in a bowl of Cold water and boil till the potatoes are half cooked. Drain the water and keep aside.

2)    Chop the Eggplant into chunks slightly bigger than the Potatoes and put them in a bowl of cold salted water as the Eggplants turn brown immediately after being cut.

3)    Heat oil in a pan and add the onion, Cumin seeds and Asafoetida. Lightly fry 2-3 minutes.

4)    Add the Potatoes and fry them on a medium heat for 4 – 5 minutes. Now add the chopped Eggplants (drain the water before you do that), garlic and mix well. Cover and cook for around 10 minutes on a medium flame, mixing them in between.

5)    When the Eggplants are almost half cooked add the Tomatoes, Salt, sugar, Turmeric, Red Chilli and Coriander powder.

6)    Cover and cook for another 10-15 minutes adding a splash of water to form a small gravy. You have to be gentle when handling the Eggplant as they can break easily when cooked.

7)    Turn off the heat and garnish with the Coriander and serve hot over basmati rice.
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