MCHY Angels Mission Statement

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MCHY Angels Mission Statement

Postby lucy » Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:10 am

The MCHY Angels fund is an informal fund created and managed by designated MCHY Forum members to help other members of the forums in need of assistance paying for veterinary costs for their pets. The Fund will help members in the US and overseas, as our members are worldwide. and the MCHY Angels have no official or legal affiliation.

The MCHY Angels are a separate entity made up of concerned community members within the larger MCHY forum community. If there is a member in need, he or she may submit a request for help via PM. Forum members may also suggest a member if they feel assistance is needed.

The Angels Committee will review and verify all requests and decide if support will or can be given and how much will be given. All conversations regarding the review of requests will be kept SOLELY within the confines of the committee and all decisions are final. Payments from the fund will be made directly to the veterinarian handling the care of the forum member’s pet.

In the event of an emergency, the Angels Committee will review and verify submitted copies of vet bills paid under the emergency circumstances and determine if assistance will be given, and how it will be disbursed.

These qualifications are guidelines, not iron clad rules – if there is a member in need of assistance who does not meet all of the qualifications, the committee can still consider a request for help and make an evaluation on a case-by-case basis.

Qualifications for assistance:
* The forum member has been an active participant in the forums for at least six months.
* The forum member is in good standing with his or her vet
* The pet's condition is life-threatening or seriously impacts quality of life.
* The pet's short and long-term prognosis is positive.
* The forum member has a high level of financial need.
* The forum member displays dedication and responsibility to their pet.
* The pet is current with shots and vaccinations.
* The pet is spayed or neutered.

MCHY members may contribute as they choose to the fund by sending their donations, including paypal, to the designated MCHY Angels Treasurer, Bonnie, aka manycats. All donations will be held in a separate bank account managed by the Angels Treasurer. Documentation of deposits and balances will be available to the Angel Committee at all times.

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Re: MCHY Angels Mission Statement

Postby Dandelion » Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:49 am

Thanks Lucy for getting this re-posted!

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