An old )2006( post

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An old )2006( post

Postby BigKittenDaddy » Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:52 pm

Having founds this old file in a forgotten folder I'v decided to share it again. From 2006

The Big Tooth Hunt

Well yesterday was certainly interesting. One of the foster kittens the night before must have been playing around on my desk and started batting my partial around and knocked it on the floor. After playing with it for an indeterminate amount of time he decided to bury it where it would be safe, in the litter box. Next morning I am looking for my teeth and can't find them anywhere. I don't really want to go out with out them so I cancel the days activities till I find them, ............which takes all day much to the amusement of all four of the cats who watch me tearing around the apartment throwing stuff every which way looking for the blasted things. It isn’t until late in the afternoon after much yelling and stomping around, when I have basically given up on finding them that I am on line with a friend and she says, "Did you look in the litter box"? I say no and bolt for the bathroom to check it out. Well there they are. So 3 hours later after a scrubbing soaking in dish soap & alcohol followed by a 2-hour soak in straight Clorox they are again ready (shudder) for use. No cats were harmed or killed in the making of this story although their person, (yours truly) was severely stressed out and probably will put the fore mentioned cats on a one-way plane to Uzbekistan.

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Re: An old )2006( post

Postby Too many cats » Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:03 am

I remember this, lol! Good to see you again BKD!!
We're all fucked up in our own special way. I love that.

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